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The 4 golf chip shot tips in this video will help teach you understand more clearly what is required to learn better how to get backspin with your chip shots and will show you the best way to get more backspin with your pitching and chip shot. For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.

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✅ 27 year Class A PGA Member
✅ David Leadbetter Golf Academy director for 13 years
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  1. IncaDen000zoo on

    Adam – Your videos are outstanding. Great tips, strong delivering and a great teaching style. Looking forward to viewing all of your videos.

  2. mario vanrompaey on

    I’ve subscribed to your video’s and I have to say that your way of making me understand what exactly happens at impact is really great, I actually never saw it that way but it gives me a much better insight into the problems I’m having with my swing at the moment, I thought it was a confidence issue but it most certainly is not, can’t wait to get to the range tomorrow to practice on a couple of things I’ve learned today! By the way, do you have specific video’s on wedge play or are those comng in the near future? Many thanks for your outstanding way of teaching this great game!

  3. Leon Oosthuizen on

    My chipping is not all that bad, and backspin is just going to improve it more. Thanks a lot, can not wait to try the tips!

  4. HMG KRL on

    Thanks for breaking it down in to understandable stages, just been out on my practice green, improvements in just 15 minutes. Keep the tips coming.

  5. Chuck Arneson on

    Love your instruction Martin. Very clear and straightforward help to understand what the club can do for you to create spin. Now I am ready to translate the fundamentals on the practice facility. Thank you Sir!

  6. Robert Afia on

    My own experience adds a further factor – purity of strike. I think that when the ball is struck away from the sweet spot, the resulting vibration disrupts the tight contact between ball and clubface, reducing the friction and the resulting spin.

  7. Steve Thomsen on

    Just hit through the ball and not at it was the best tip ever give it to me, treat a shot like a practice swing

  8. thewills12 on

    i think these videos miss one key point when they talk about creating speed and that is that you need to commit to the shot. if you want to shoot that 1 hop stop kind of chip or pitch you have to hit it fairly hard to create the spin. one must fly the ball at least 2/3 of the way to the hole which when you’re just starting to do this can be a very nervous shot, because if it doesn’t grip its going to run through the green. just commit and know if done right it will check or stop for you

  9. Michael Kennedy on

    having 2 wedges (one for practice) might make it difficult to see the shots on the course as used to seeing different release on ball.

  10. Brian Winters on

    Would you Reccomended a tool to sharpen the teeth in your wedges. I once heard someone talking about doing that on there older clubs. I have a set of old ping eye 2’s that I can’t seem to get rid of. I’m guessing my club face is a lot smoother then most as I play a lot of golf. Just looking for advice if I can sharpen the club face grooves. Ty

  11. Bill Bakopoulos on

    Watched the video on hitting a draw and went to the range and hit about 500 balls. I’m shocked, but darn it I can hit a draw on command now

  12. Jordan Martinka on

    im still not fully getting it, but ill try and figure it out, cause i do hit the ball well, but it just never seems like it wants to come back like the pros do it, it always rolls forward, quite a bit, even when im using my pitching wedge, but i guess i probably come down at it too steep

  13. HMG KRL on

    Following on from my comment 2 months ago, I have been practicing 4 times per week on this drill. Now in single figures H/cp for the first time. Again my thanks. Off for a quick 18…

  14. Superutubeking on

    Great knowledge and understanding – once you got the theory then the practice will be much more productive – Best Advice ever – cheers

  15. what a plonker rodney on

    What if the greens you are playing on ain’t as good as the ones your on don’t that count we all can’t play on 150 pound a round golf courses each week go to every day golf club

  16. kinglou480971 on

    Very nice & helpful tips, could you please do a video on how to get backspin on a FULL shots with irons from the 8 on down and also 3 & 5 woods.

  17. Stephon Lewis on

    The loft at impact was the confirmation I needed, I am a sometimes spinner, now after practice I will be a at will spinner of the pitch shot. thx bunches.

  18. Chelseafancharlie 123 on

    These videos are great as I am joining a golf club these videos are very helpful I’m trying to get better at golf. I’m only ten but I love golf and your videos I’m subscribing.

  19. Horrace Gump on

    Thanks a lot Adam. Chipping has always been a headache for me. An understanding of how it works is the first step to improving 👍

  20. Cole Wofgang on

    Don’t buy two sand wedges just get some medium grit sand paper and sand that wedge a little every time it wears down

  21. Robert Homans on

    Another factor is friction on the green the closer cut the green is the more the ball will grab it and pull up .you at not going to get that on a slow green . Think of it like a pool table the thinner the cloth the more back spin you get .


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