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This video is about how to fix your golf swing plane and how to improve your swing with simple backswing drills and tips. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.





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  1. Daniel Olivier Sutter on

    Whow, really well explained and especially compared to others a decend way of advertising for the channel. Thanks!

  2. nahshon cline on

    Great video. This in combination with your most recent video is giving me some great swing thoughts and techniques headed into this weekend! Thanks

  3. Simon Baum on

    Another great Video Adam!  This concept / topic discussed here is very important!… Assuming a golfer already has a decent swing, and is making reasonable contact, this really helps “zone” in on brushing the grass… Not too much divot, and no blading it…. This video helps to show that balance…. … Your videos have helped me so much… I always had a “reasonable” swing.  But I was doing several things that were close to correct, but not close enough… By watching most of your videos, and some up to 4-5 times, I can actually assist others up on the “Tee Box” at the Driving Range… I can now instantly see (and know) the differences between a fade, push, slice, but know what the club head was doing which caused each variant!… Today, it only took me 5 minutes to help a guy improve his driving… He was topping them, so I gave him longer tee (explained why).  Then he pushed one, then a mild slice.  Then I showed him how to try to correct it… The he hooked it slightly… Then he started hitting them pretty straight, and with good distance… He was so happy, that I spent that small amount of time with him, but that I was also able to explain why each shot was going wrong, and he almost instantly figured it out!… He never had anyone to explain it to him… And neither had I… Of course, I told him about your web site, etc… …. The sum total of your video has really given me several “light bulb” moments, when all of sudden, it seems so much simpler!… … Well done, I can’t thank you enough!   Regards, Simon, at The Sands, Torquay, Victoria, Australia.

  4. Simon Baum on

    I just can’t thank you enough… Day by day, I work on 1 or 2 things from you… And now I can drive straight, consistently… I can now make solid contact… My club head speed is improving (proper wrist hinge), etc!… Phil Mickelson taught me the Hinge and Hold, and you had a video on it too I think… Your 5+ minute format is excellent too… Nice “bite sized hamburgers”!.. 🙂 … … …  Thanks!

  5. jaxortjackie05 on

    Great instruction, never thought of plane from a straight on view. Seems to allow hitting hard without fat shots, much more solid impact. I understand higher on the follow through, which allows for a more in to out path. Is the shaft the same distance from the body comparing backswing parallel to follow through parallel? Or maybe that’s the secret to working the ball, with regard to path? Thanks!

  6. scott johnson on

    Funny comment on the guy staring off in the Tiger clip… But after watching again he seems to be a likely candidate as fellow pro in the group, no ?

    Cool Video – thank you !

  7. Mark Hovland on

    I heard once that fellow pros sometimes don’t watch their playing partners for fear of seeing a swing thought that may distract their own game.

  8. Jim Smith on

    Damn,, I’ve been brooming with absolutely no lag! I’ve been cleaning the wrong way all of these years!

  9. Mac Attack on

    One of the best and easiest to understand lessons I have ever seen on the internet. Not everyone has the athletic ability to pull this off but along with the video on the hips, this gives the average guy the ability to understand how the big boys do it. Very impressive!

  10. Joseph Smith on

    Want to see the ultimate positions of a textbook powerful pro golfer, look at 1:50 to 2:05. Those positions are likely unattainable to any amateur (and even most pros). It’s almost unreal. 100 degree shoulder turn, right elbow tucked through impact, bowed left wrist through impact, and cupped right wrist well after impact. Physically impossible for most human beings… but I guess that’s why he is (or was) who he is. I’ve been trying for decades lol.

  11. out side on

    That player looking away looks like steve stricker,probably wants to play his own game and not get caught up in tigers game

  12. Rhys Fletcher on

    I recently had a Trackman session and found out my swing path is 10 degrees in to out, so I hit big hooks or pushes. Is there any drills where I can get feedback? Because a 0 degree and 10 degree swing feel the same. Thanks!

  13. James Adcock on

    I think he was sick of seeing how good tiger was. interesting tiger hitting a short iron with ball forward in the stance. His hands are level with ball on impact not in front

  14. Scott Petermann on

    This is a good video but what about the driver? I can hit my irons flush all day long and hit down on them with great lag, BUT I cannot hit a driver worth a damn and snap hook it, hit it low, sometimes sky it but all over the place,,,its very frustrating. I think it needs to be even lower right with driver…..more of a sweeping motion and not a straight down Compression type swing??

  15. Chester Micek on

    Here’s the plane truth: any weekend golfer who lets his right elbow stray from his body will be unpredictably inaccurate. In fact, any weekend golfer who doesn’t have his right elbow “pretty much glued” to the back of his right hip at impact will spend Saturday & Sunday walking in the woods. For absolute proof, study the Tiger Woods video until you appreciate where his right elbow goes. Admit that it scythes down down to a point opposite his right hip by the time his club shaft is parallel to the ground. If your right elbow isn’t there when his is, you are a duffer. Only mulligan men fail to use their hips, shoulders, arms and elbows to get that right elbow opposite the right hip as the primary, kinesthetic goal of their downswing. If you fail to do that, you’re a golfing “Forrest Gump”.
    As a weekend golfer, my first goal is to get my hips and shoulders turning so that I achieve the “Hogan/Woods Position” when my club shaft is parallel to the ground. Next, I train to insure that my hips and my right elbow stay connected like that through contact with the ball. That’s Hogan’s secret. It got him 64 PGA Tour victories, and it would have brought him 100 if he weren’t injured.
    The weekend golfer must totally forget having a grapefruit sized gap in his armpit at the top of his backswing. That’s only for professional athletes. Get that “crackpot thought” out of your head forever. Instead, go to YouTube’s “My Swing Evolution” and watch Christo Garcia “stay connected” like Hogan. Additionally, watch videos of Hogan do exactly what I just advised. Simply put, the Jack Nicklaus “flying right elbow” swing is manageable for a world class, pro golfer who practices or competes 300 times per year, however, it is the dumbest thing a weekend golfer can ever do. Get to the “Woods/Hogan Position” when your club shaft is parallel to the ground with your wrists still cocked, and you’ll play much closer to your potential.
    In fact, I would advise any weekend golfer who wants to be more consistent to belt-strap his right arm to his torso when he practices at the driving range. I’m confident he will play better golf if he does. The casual golfer bring a spare trousers’ belt to the range, and wrap it around his chest and right arm and learn to hit golf balls that way. Maybe even get a pro tro help him. In every case, he should go easy with it, but if he keeps at it, he’ll end up hitting it like more like Woods and Hogan.
    In summary, at impact the weekend golfer should have turned his hips, shoulders, and arms such that his right elbow is opposite his right, his left arm should be straight, his right arm should be bent, his left wrist should be flat, and his right wrist should be bent back on itself: (hitch hiker & waiter with tray). Moreover, his right upper arm should be touching his right pec of very close to touching his right pec. The absolute worst thing a weekend golfer can do is to be able to fit any of the following fruits under his right armpit at the top of his backswing: watermelon, grapefruit, orange, or a banana. Moreover, no vegetables such as potatoes, heads of lettuce, or tomatoes should be able to fit in the armpit gap at the top of the backswing.
    The cardinal rule for the right armpit in my brilliant, weekend golfer’s system is that only a pair of brand new, women’s size 8, pink, silk, bikini panties should fit in the armpit gap at the top of the backswing. The panties must be kept in their place, under the armpit, from setup until after the golf ball has been struck. Finally, wash those panties after each practice session and keep that right elbow close to your body until after you hit the ball.


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