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In this video, Adam Bazalgette shows you simple golf lag drills that will help your golf swing lag improve. To create a smooth effortless lag in your golf swing follow these tips. If you want more golf lessons and instruction please click the “Show More” button below.





SW Florida PGA teacher of the year winner twice
✅ 27 year Class A PGA Member
✅ David Leadbetter Golf Academy director for 13 years
✅ Conducted corporate outings all over the world
✅ Numerous appearances on Golf Channel
✅ Taught numerous that have competed on PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions Tour, and Canadian Tour


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  1. Michael Duffy on

    great video clear and easy to understand keep them coming. quick question I have a swing speed around 100mph bought a second hand 3wood with x stiff and 13deg loft, tbe reason I bought it is my trajectory is really high , I still hit this club high do you think trying this swing you advocate in this video will be beneficial for my kind of problem? ps for example my 6 iron I hit around 185 but is really high compared to my fellow golfers

  2. Shaun Robinson on

    What it comes down to is the ability of the Golf  coach to communicate with his student in a way that he/she can understand… Mr. Bazalgette you so have that ability…  I love the game of Golf but I truly suck at it….  I try hard and I practice every day..  I will never give up…  This simple Video on Lag has helped in so many ways its ridiculous!   All I can say is THANK YOU!

  3. Jeffrey B on

    Wow oh wow!!! This is the best video that I have watched on the lag. After a few days of practices with it, this has changed my swing!!!
    Thank you for clearly explaining the lag, something that I haven’t been able to do. I am just sorry I didn’t learn this years ago.
    Thank you once again!!

  4. roadman1823 on

    Is this only a practice drill or you have to feel and move so loose also in your final swing? I love the feeling of this drill, but it’s hard for me to regain the feeling when i return next day on the practice range, don’t know if it make sense.

  5. Aleksi on

    Been golfing now 18 months, and you did it for me!!!! ive gone down from 14 to 7 hcp in couple months… I had serious flipping problems and no one could not explain to me in youtube or my scratch friends what i did wrong but you did!!!!!!!
    Seriously cant thank you enough.. This is hands down best advise you can get!!!!

  6. Arturo Pena on

    love this video. i sent some pics to a friend of mine who is a pro and she told me to hold the release a little longer and i could not figure out how to do it, this helps me abundantly, thanks again.

  7. Asko Veteläinen on

    This video is just insane… Not in negative way but in positive!

    I have struggled with my hands and fat shots. Yesterday I watched this video for the very first time. Well I thought yes great instruction but nothing special. In the evening I went to driving range and again struggled with fat hits and hands felt tight and swing wasn´’t smooth at all. Then I remembered this video and smooth move with club and Your instructions. BANG! After that swing thought my back swing changed, club went in good position and I didn´t make any fat shots in the practice session! That thought I got in my head brought nice smooth feeling in back swing and in transition phase. Hits were really crisp. And the weirdest thing… In the beginning of session as I was struggling with bad shots I shot 7 iron with good hit something like 130-135meters (142-147yd) and in the end of session I shot that same distance with my 9 iron!

    Thank You for this great instructional video series!

  8. Durangodemon on

    One thing I use is practicing the lag in a full swing but letting your right hand come off the club halfway down, this encourages the right hand whip of the club.

  9. Russell Train on

    Great video! Not only is this the best explanation how to really create lag. it’s really helped me in terms of getting my body moving forward at the right time. Thank you!

  10. David Oakes on

    Had a launch monitor session at the weekend, turns out that one of the reasons for me drawing, hooking and pulling shots is flipping slightly and hitting the ball consistently with the club face about 5 degrees closed. I came home and began my research and found this video, plus another video by Adam on how to stop flipping. I’ve only been able to practice without a ball in the garden, but I’m already certain these will be a huge help. Just need to be patient and take it slow. Subscribed. I’m just getting back into the game after a 7 years break, used to be a mid handicap player, hoping to get to single digits this time (older, wiser, less ego – supposedly)

  11. AEwrestler15 on

    Best golf lesson I’ve ever had! Went out the next day and instantly starting hitting WAY better! I even won a straightest drive contest. These drills created changes in my swing that really made my swing feel effortless.

  12. Warwolfii on

    Adam, this is exactly where I am in my swing progression, and so this video couldn’t be more timely for me. Thanks so much for the tips. I can’t wait to get out on the range and go to work.

  13. geansai333 on

    I clearly have mental issues, because my default swing is a total wristy flip at the bottom.. I do wonder if my wrists are too loose. I’m an overswinger. But!!! Either way: I have a suggestion/question @Adam: Assuming that lag, and release, and shaft flex are related, do you think it follows that a stiff shaft user could learn lag from using a reg shaft? (notwithstanding your excellent tips in this vid). Mike

  14. Cindy Keith on

    I have watched so many golf instruction videos, but I really like what this instructor has to say. I especially liked what he had to say about delofting an 8-iron and how that gives you instant lag! Great job!


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