Golf Tips: Circle Exercise

In this short video Andy Wild goes over the circle exercise. This is designed to help improve your swing and give you more consistency in your golf.

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  1. mjstickler on

    A quick comment to say how incredibly helpful I’ve found the Leaderboard Golf channel in helping me improve my game.  I started playing golf in March after I was told I could no longer play football due to an injury.  I’m trying hard to implement the advice and coaching tips provided on this channel into my game, and the videos have helped me develop and transform my technique and game play.  So, many thanks for sharing your expertise.

  2. grazer770 on

    but what if you have  a “2 plane” swing. how does swinging in an upright position relate to the bent over address position. this is a genuine question!

  3. g scribling on

    No one makes a good motion when they attempt to swing the club in an arc or circle. Our brains just don’t work that way. We think in straight, linear lines. It’s so much easier to attempt hit the ball 90º right of the target by delivering the club straight at the ball from the direction you are facing. Although, hitting the ball in that direction is impossible since we have a limit to our arms’ length which will cause the arc of the club, which sends the ball 90º left of the direction we’re swinging it – toward the target.

    We just can’t comprehend swinging anything in an arc. Not a hammer, not a hockey stick, not a baseball bat, not when throwing a ball and not a golf club. If you thought of making an arc when doing any of those sports or actions you’d be just as clumsy or uncomfortable as you are trying to swing a golf club in a circle. Just try it with a hammer … We know all of these actions are circular but we don’t consciously make them that way and frankly we couldn’t care less that they are, they just are because that’s how inertia works. We want the result with the least effort.


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