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This video is about how to hit a golf ball with your driver for beginners. Adam gives clear instructions simple tips and drills for hitting golf driver. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.





SW Florida PGA teacher of the year winner twice
✅ 27 year Class A PGA Member
✅ David Leadbetter Golf Academy director for 13 years
✅ Conducted corporate outings all over the world
✅ Numerous appearances on Golf Channel
✅ Taught numerous that have competed on PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions Tour, and Canadian Tour


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  1. John R Yujuico on

    I just subscribed. Good videos. On all full swing shots with all clubs, could you talk about an upright swing vs a more around the body swing? I can hit them both but don’t know which one I should concentrate on. I am 5’8″ and a former Big 10 Baseball player. My Mantra is “Everything in Moderation, Keep it Simple, Less is Best.” I am seeking a Simple, Compact, Repeatable swing with all clubs. Thank you.

  2. moledog88 on

    I’m ready to throw the driver in the lake here ,,,been playing 3 years and can’t hit the club anymore ,,,,topping everything off the tee,thinking too much ,,I don’t know ,,,,will try this drill to get it going ,,,I love the videos,,,,great job!!

  3. Michael Ackerman on

    Thank you Adam! I am relearning many of my golfing skills and this video is very helpful. Due to a variety of reasons – including health issues, i have played very few rounds of golf for the last 6 years or so. Before that I was a six handicap. My driver used to be one of my best clubs and now it is my worst. I have been working on shorter, controlled swings. Surprisingly, I hit a drive further than my full swing drives today. My ball contact, launch angle and ball spin seemed to be ideal on that swing. The next swing I tried a full swing and made very poor contact.

  4. Michael Ackerman on

    Adam, I suspect you are right. Years ago when I took lessons from a former touring pro, Pete Cooper, I had to fight over swinging and lifting the club straight up to increase my swing length. As you know when you haven’t practiced a lot for a while you sometimes tend to return to old habits. Thanks for a great lessons and drills.

  5. Jim Shaffer on

    Adam, this is great information. I’m 68, started playing golf rather late. Wish I’d had this instruction when I started. I tend to over think the process. Will try to rewind and learn again using your ideas of flow and letting go. Regards, Jim Shaffer

  6. Landon Belk on

    I know with an iron and putter, theres a certain way to hold and swing it. Is there one for the driver too or just how we feel?

  7. marlies84 on

    Hi Adam. Do you offer in-person lessons in Florida, as well? Do you have a site with information on this? I like your philosophy and style of teaching. Many thanks!

  8. Andy Wright on

    So impressed. Adam is such a brilliant communicator. His teaching style is perfectly clear and achievable. Certainly the best I’ve found online. Thanks very much Adam.

  9. Steve G on

    Adam, I have only taken up golf 3 months ago in my 60’s…always had problems with the driver…saw this, now realised where I was going wrong…went out today and was smashing them straight down the line…thanks so much!

  10. Torrese Johnson on

    Check out my latest golf tip video! it’s serious but funny something that all golfers would enjoy. A subscribe would be clutch!

  11. Jenny Stephens on

    Adam can you please show how to hold a golf club for left handed players. Also I can only grip a club with baseball style grip. Any other way i get really bad blisters

  12. H Rendell on

    this has been fantastic… however when I bend my arms I start topping the ball… do you have video to take me beyond the mallet idea? which as I say has trained me to hit straight and consistently, just want to work on increasing the distance a bit now

  13. Andrea Campbell on

    This is really great. I am going out for the 1st time on Sunday. These videos have been great to help me learn a little bit more of what I need to be doing. Thank you!

  14. garyt1984 on

    Great video im going range this evening and will try all this. every drive my ball striking is lovely bang middle of club and the ball starts straight enough in the air but around 100 yds it starts turning right and ends way right. i cant shake it off as on the range i could hit 100 balls and 70 will go perfectly straight.

  15. Eddie LC on

    Thank you so much my dad try’s to explain to me but it gets messed up in my head but this video is perfectly clear.

    Thank you so much Adam!

  16. Ben Dowsett on

    Really useful, I was trying to learn by going at full pace, but this simple lesson really changed things for me

  17. TheUKETrain on

    Adam, you’re the best. I watch your videos and go to the range and see an improvement every time. Thanks!

  18. bigbilly1957 on

    have been struggling a lot with my driver, this approach to hitting it makes so much sense. You explanation in terms I could understand are much appreciated! Thanks!!

  19. Trouble YT on

    Thank you so much I’ve spend months trying to beat my dad we’re both terrible but hopefully I’ll beat him now 😁

  20. SerenityNow on

    It’s so easy to show someone this stuff but you put a club in a beginners hand and for someone who looks completely unnatural swinging the club, to implement any of this is incredibly difficult. I always try to instruct people to keep their eye on the ball first and foremost to try and learn to make contact with the ball before anything else. Because if someone can’t connect with the ball at all, it makes golfing unbearable.

  21. Tom Mc on

    Adam has an outstanding ability to simplify and humanize the game, especially for us average golfers. My wife and I love his lessons. He’s so pragmatic and easy to listen to. We both have gone back to the basics just to follow his no-nonsense advice and techniques. In the several weeks since we were lucky enough to land on one of his lessons, our scores haven’t improved significantly, but we are getting some very good results hitting the ball. We just have to pull it together and practice Adam’s advice. Great teaching style, Adam! Thanks. Tom and Joan

  22. Mike Rodrick on

    Hi Adam ; My issue is that I’m hitting my driver way too low. I know why, but can’t seem to correct it. I’m not staying behind the ball & hitting up on it, but rather turning my hips in a circular motion making my swing too flat & sometimes causing a slice. I know the ball is positioned properly in my stance so that’s not the issue. Is there a drill to correct this? Thanks.

  23. Mike Rodrick on

    Hi Adam;
    My issue with a driver is that I’m over rotating my hips & not staying behind the ball to be able to hit up on it causing a flat swing. I do the same with short irons which is causing pulls. I know I’m supposed to be making a small lateral shift before the hip turn but can’t seem to sync it with the rest of the swing.I’m an intermediate level player. Can you help me resolve this?

  24. Treenz xo on

    Went to the driving range last night for the very first time and was wondering what I was doing wrong. Which is the complete opposite to what you just showed lol. So I’m going again tonight to give it another shot. Thanks for the lesson. From myself, here in New Zealand 🇳🇿


    Terrific videos Adam..Will trade you cooking lessons for golf lessons..My game continues to improve..Thx⭐️

  26. Thomas Gaudet on

    Being 5’7” and a shorter golfer, does that make golfing harder because your arms and longer clubs are more disconnected from your body??

  27. kgeezy55 on

    Would you recommend choking up on the club for better control? Not really a beginner but sometimes going back to square one helps me. Having trouble getting solid contact and keeping it straight but I absolutely mash my irons. Any advice helps. Thanks!

  28. James Turner on

    Just discovered this channel and it looks really interesting. I originally thought you were American at the start then noticed you sounded English 🙂

  29. John Martin on

    I’m a pretty good former athlete who always struggled hitting a golf ball…with your lower body, do you just want to turn your feet with the swing of the club or keep them pretty firm and not worry about that aspect?

  30. Sean Chew Golf on

    Thanks Adam, it is the best and the greatest video. You are the best teacher and you can help me improve my game. From, Sean

  31. Jon Stewart on

    This really helped me who has relative success with irons but struggled with driving.. I always tried to muscle the ball, a psychological thing with driving and wanting that distance… this helped immensely and is part of my weekend routine. Thanks, Adam!

  32. David Hardie on

    Just a golf beginner but I have learned more about the driver from this video than hours wasted thrashing about on the course… Cheers!!!

  33. David Madras on

    He’s the best!

    Thank you Adam for everything you’ve done for me!!!

    Adam is the consummate professional, wonderful communicator, brilliant mind and educator, boss, colleague, and friend!

    You cannot find anyone with any more character in the business.

    Thanks again – thinking of you!!!

  34. Bat Gator on

    I am in high school and I am on the golf team, I was not very good until after I watched this video, it helped alot


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