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How To Square The Clubface At Impact. Learn how to square the clubface consistently. This video will show you a few drills that will help you square to face of the club better at address.

Take some little 3/4 shots. Make some strikes till you’re hitting the ball solidly, and then over do that a little bit, and then don’t so it so much and start see how the ball moves.

Basically hit the ball with your club face closed and then do another shot. But this time keep the club face open. Then try to find a happy medium.

Doing this allows you to feel the club and you’ll be able to start shaping your golf shots and also hitting the ball with a more square club face.

I hope this lesson helps you square the clubface of your golf club at address better.





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  1. David Singer on

    Hi Adam, really like your videos. I got the how to hit 20 yards longer series and would like to learn more, but when I go to your website, every link takes me back to the how to hit it. 20 yards further again. How do I join.

  2. Brian Pope on

    This is my current situation. Finally stopped starting the downswing with shoulders and letting left wrist breakdown at impact. Left wrist is now doing the smoothing rolling over motion but it’s so foreign to me I find my self anticipating this roll and hitting pull hooks. I’m having trouble gaining consistency.

  3. moreme40 on

    This is so true. When I consciously try to roll my hands over I usually pull it and it never starts to the right. Yesterday I just tried to swing out to the right with no effort to roll my wrists and I was able to hit real draws. I guess the strong grip automatically closes the face to the path ?

  4. James Young on

    I’ve only played 4 rounds of golf and after I watched this video it transformed my swing and gave me something to finally build on. I’m no longer getting too much downward angle on my follow through and enjoying the feeling of the energy transferring to the ball. Thanks Adam!

  5. Les Wolstenholme on

    Absolutely excellent videos giving top class instruction on the various topics. I watch them with great interest and vow to carry out the moves when next on the course. Unfortunately, despite spending hours on the range and shelling out sheds full of cash on instruction, I’ve yet to break 150 for a round. Last weekend, I took 164 shots and lost 22 balls into the undergrowth hitting virtually every hazard and tree on the course – it was very embarrassing as the others had to wait for me. Oh well, must try harder I suppose.

  6. Vincent Vukelich on

    Thanks; in my practice sessions, I find myself concentrating on the left hand “getting compressed” and thus not freeing up my swing for a powerful follow-thru. Actually, it feels like I am “turning my left hand down” at the top of my swing…to get into position. Ugh. But…BUT when I do make contact, WOW, it goes a mile! Vince in Guadalajara, MX

  7. Fred C on

    Great tip ! I’m determined to get my game back this year. My iron game this year was pretty bad, but with lots of practice this fall I think i’m close to getting it back.

  8. Benjamin Kelley on

    Adam: Your videos have been exactly what I needed to turn a corner with my game. They are excellent, and I just wanted to say thank you.

  9. twim1006 on

    I watched your video on golf swing for the beginner. Went out the next day to the range worked on what you said an shot my best score in years. Going to checkout your video on putting. That is what let me down for a better score.

  10. Rylymy Central on

    Adam how do you stop hitting heel shots with irons and driver, i tend to be more inside in the downswing. Pls help thx

  11. Guitar Nut on

    Thanks for posting Adam. I am intrigued with the statement at 1:50 concerning the roll and snap of the left wrist. I am confident that I am cupping with the handle stopping or moving back. Is there a drill to help with the correct feel of roll and snap that you would recommend?

  12. MagicValleyProducts on

    Awesome videos! I’ve just found you a few days ago and can’t watch them fast enough! Thank you much! Weather is warming and I can hardly wait to take it to range and course. 🙂

  13. utubewarrenj on

    I’m a scooper when it comes to my swing. How can I get that feeling of keeping my club face behind my hands on impact?

  14. Justin Goddard on

    Hi Adam thanks for the putting videos I can putt better than I ever have my question is about chipping I struggle with very short range chipping any drills you can give me?

  15. Arturo Pena on

    thanks for the videos, i played 3 times last week at a very difficult Nicklaus designed course and dropped my score by 9 strokes, it was great, still need more practice but these videos have helped a bunch.

  16. geansai333 on

    Yes I like this vid also, in my quest to hit a draw like a god..etc..
    Question: If rolling the shaft like this is necessary to close the face, why aren’t we more often advised to get a fatter grip?
    I like the feel of a fatter grip (midsize).

  17. Ian Stone on

    Whenever I come through the ball my club face is closed, and I duck hook everything except for my wedges, can I do anything to fix that?

  18. MDOY79 on

    I like the Leslie King method for square club face which tries to ensure the club never really opens or closes in relation to the body. the key thing being to never ever (and everyone does this) roll the wrists even slightly in the back swing but rather, hinge them upwards after a one piece takeaway .. now the only place the club can go is down to square again, after that he focuses on the follow through which is a turn of the body without allowing the club to roll over keeping everything compact. It took my years to finally figure this out and he was right.

  19. Rashi Garg on

    Hi Adam, greetings from India. Have watched alot of your videos and love them. Having trouble with hitting the ball off the toe alot with my irons and rescue.


  20. tnbloodhound on

    Thank you for your time to post these tutorials. I watch them everytime I’m about to play ( like this morning) always helps. Good day and hit’em straight out there.

  21. James Adcock on

    I know I keep going on about your ball striking but wow best I have seen. that green was not close u made it look like it was only 100 yards away

  22. Cadmodel64 on

    spot on. crack the whip is the secret to getting all the speed at bottom. “late hit”. Too bad most people will never realize this…

  23. Tom Reese on

    Question Adam? I tried the method you describe in your video. Very good results! Is it necessary to swing to a complete finish like we all try to do? I have never been able to do this so I am wondering if it is necessary.

  24. stonewallre7 on

    Adam I have worked on everything my instructor told me to do and I get on the course and I see no improvement other than distance. I have been working with golf tec for about 4 to 5 months and I still score in the 120 or greater. I still hit the ball all over the place and still hit it thin or fat about an 1/8th to a 1/4th of the time. I get no better on the course. What can you recommend? Try to not play bad golf. Just want to get to play at least below average and not continue to embarrass myself especially after play a little over 16 years. Get tired of not seeing even the smallest improvement. Can you give some direction? Like your videos and instruction.

  25. Michael Brown on

    Hi Adam love ur instructional videos. Question, I was always under the impression (even have been instructed) not to try to manipulate the club face, is that simply not true? I have attempted to do so in the past with the left hand however found myself becoming too left dominant which played havoc in other areas… would love ur opinion on this. Thanks

  26. Ruairi Healy on

    Been struggling for years with my shank, this is the best advice I’ve ever had it really helped to close the face.. hearing the ball ping for the first time in years.. thanks a lot!

  27. Delmar Yennie on

    Adam, I am still trying to release the club by flipping my wrist forward. When I try your release , is it the snapping forward of the wrist to a straight wrist? Not flipping the wrist, but snapping the hand forward?

  28. Delmar Yennie on

    Adam, I just tried the snapping of the club. I first just tried the left wrist alone and then the right wrist alone and this helped me understand what you are saying to do. WOW what a difference that made. Now I have something to work with. I guess I wasn’t understanding what is supposed to be done. Your throwing the stick like snapping the towel really helped me to understand. Thank you again for a better way of saying the same thing.

  29. Jeffrey Mann on

    Totally irrational golf instructional advice.

    The clubface is squared during the later downswing secondary to a PA#3 release action (in TGM terminology) which is biomechanically due to left forearm supination.

    Here is a graph from Phil Cheetham’s research study on 92 professional golfers, which shows that there is close correlation between handle twist velocity (which closes the clubface) and left forearm supination.

    Left wrist bowing does not cause a counterclockwise roll of the clubface and any clubface closing seen during that “twistaway maneuver” is due to the finger torquing action that is secondary to activation of the flexor digitorum muscles to the left hand’s 3rd, 4th and 5th fingers. Left wrist bowing is a secondary side-effect of the muscular activation of the finger flexor muscles. Also, one cannot actually use a “twistaway maneuver” in the late downswing to close the clubface in a “real life” golf swing action – because the release of the club produces so much outward/centrifugal pull that it stretches the flexor digitorum profundus muscles and prevents any “twistaway finger-torquing” effect from happening in the late downswing.


  30. Anthony O Mullane on

    Hi Adam, what’s the name of the other video you have on release?? I suffer from a closed club face, (at impact only) path fine. Had a lesson and been told to practice squaring the club face which I’m finding tough and as you say, thinking too much about my hands at impact. Thanks, Anthony.


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