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How to start the golf downswing. Learn correctly how to start your downswing in golf and in plane in this video. More golf tips found at This video will show you how to move your weight and how to start your golf downswing with the lower body. You want the lower body to work independently from the rest of the body. Key is to move towards the target with your lower body and put pressure into the ground.

I hope this video helps you learn how to start your golf downswing. Check out the links below for more lessons:





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  1. eddie brown on

    Great tip….I struggle with a pull, pull-draw……I’m wondering if I should add some weight to my club heads somehow, maybe lead tape. I think having that little extra weight will help me feel the club head more, like that training aid helps in the correct transition. They make these clubs so light now to help promote speed and distance, I can’t tell where the club head is in the swing. And yes, I’ve tried lighter grip pressure…..

  2. Travis Ceccacci on

    By far the most helpful golf videos I have seen online. I am brand new to golf and fairly young so I want to learn to play golf correctly. I particularly like how succinct your videos are and the way you explain everything. Thanks, Adam!

  3. Darrell Bowman on

    How to start – emm no mention …golf downswing- sort of and plane no mention of it =take a towl and rubber club swing it around hmmm. Maybe start your club dragging it back along the ground so it not up and straight down. top of swing should be x and maybe a ruler or stick on ground for plane.

  4. Kenneth Conway on

    Hey Adam, awesome golf help videos, you have been the first one to give me a true understanding of what the golf swing is supposed to be. my major issue is I’m much too rigid and down swing seems to be much faster than the rest of my body. so i end up hooking the ball most of the time. the broom tip has been really helpful in understanding how the club is suppose to come through the ball. how do i make sure my hands are not coming through the swing too fast ?before my hips and legs have started to rotate? driving me crazy! thanks ken

  5. Kenneth Conway on

    thanks for getting back to me so fast. i just got back from the range and had some success with just envisioning swinging a broom across the ground. really helps me understand the swing path. thanks and believe me I’ve been watching all your videos over and over. you are just excellent at explaining things.

  6. Daniel Vitug on

    Your videos are very helpful. Thank you ! I’m hoping you do a video that I haven’t seen many people go over .. good stretches before golf ! I have just recently picked up golf and every time I’m at the range my left back muscle hurts pretty bad. (Right hander). What do you do to loosen up or get the blood going ?

  7. Lewis Blackwell on

    Hey Adam, I’m 17 & really interested in golf, I’m yet to get into it properly yet & have only played on driving ranges, ‘pitch & putt’s’ etc. I don’t really know where to start? I don’t own any clubs & I have only had a few lessons in the past which I remember little about, any help you can give me would be great. Cheers

  8. shawn kinney on

    Great video. Do you have anything for how to start your back swing? Do you start with the hips or the shoulders?

  9. Andersson Niepoky on

    I hit  big draw (almost too much to where the ball rolls out too much on the green) and I’m looking to straighten it out and hit more of a baby draw. Are there any swing plane drills to do to stop from coming so inside and change it to just a little baby draw?

  10. Delmar Yennie on

    Adam, I am having a problem with squaring the face of the golf club. I was told I am hooding the irons too much and I am hitting most of my irons shots to the left. I have not seen any thing on this or have I miss it.


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