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Video Analysis of the Rory Mcilroy swing in slow motion and analyzed by golf pro Adam Bazalgette. Rory Mcilroy has a power golf swing and in this video, Adam will break down the things that make Rory’s swing so powerful even though he is not a tall man on the PGA tour.





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✅ David Leadbetter Golf Academy director for 13 years
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  1. JayZoop on

    Good analysis of a great hitter.  I’ve been noticing how players plant their left leg about a 1/3 of the way down and straighten the left leg.  That causes the hips to turn and generate power.  It also keeps the hips from sliding too far forward.  Like the baseball player you mentioned, the left leg is the anchor.  It’s takes a while to figure out the timing of it but it’s a lot sooner than I used to think.

  2. Oscar C on

    You describe what he may have been doing, but not how. How does he shallow the club in transition? How does he Squat and Spring? Do you know? Does anyone really know?

  3. Oscar C on

    The fundamental questions we have is: Does Rory set up to sling from the inside as a function of his body motion, especially the Squat and Spring or does he Squat and Spring in reaction to the powerful hit he is preparing to deliver with his upper body? Golf biomechanics people say there is a kinematic sequence and a kinetic chain. But those discussion of alleged science are often lost in technical jargon, marketing and internecine disputes. Nonetheless, traditional swing analysis needs to step up with more sophisticated analysis beyond description with lines and angles, and attempt to delve into forces and torque for it to be relevant.

  4. Adam Grym on

    I think that showing / analyzing pro’s swing, like for instance Rory’s, can confuse if not mislead an average player! I’d rather watch your golf instructions which are based on down to earth teaching skills and philosophy! And I do, enjoy your “normal” video’s instructions! Another words, this one was completely useless to me! Adam

  5. mike marley on

    Great video. Very well explained. I have been trying to emulate Rorys swing. Probably have the backswing positions as good as they get for my age. Lol. but was having problems with sequence of downswing. Much clearer now Thx

  6. Mike Rodrick on

    Isn’t letting the club get behind you the problem that caused Tiger to “get “stuck” in his downswing & cause him to hit it to the right many times?

  7. Joey Caldarella on

    Just subscribed and really enjoy the videos. I am always looking for good information to pass on to my 13 year old son. He has natural athletic ability in all sports and has been golfing on and off since he was 7. We only play about 3- 4 months a year. I purchased the V1 golf app and was wondering if you are able to view videos and give online lessons.

  8. Billy DeGroot on

    Tiger gets criticized for that because the commentators just make random observations on his swing and assume that it’s the problem even though it’s not true

  9. never stop on

    Adam I,m impressed you replied on every comment. Liked your analysis…Whats not to like on this video….Power..With Rory you can not only see it but actually feel it….and hitting it past everyone is part of that great feeling in golf, even if it is a little off line. No need to reply take a break…

  10. Rosario Martinez on

    in my view, Rory also has one of the best swing finish moves….I don’t see this point mentioned in the video…I try to emulate but without any success…


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